Worldwide Shipping

We provide worldwide shipping by air, rail, land & sea, including onward delivery to the final destination

We provide a range of shipment options including express by air, bulk airfreight, aircraft charter, Less Container Load & Full Container Load by sea.  Our team take care of packing, palletising, insurance and calculate the most efficient mode of shipping to optimise your supply chains.

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What we do

We work with a specialist team of agents and brokers to get the most cost effective shipping and insurance quotes to optimise your shipping.  Our warehouse team carefully package, palletise and mark your goods to ensure they meet regulations for both air & sea shipments ,to mitigate repacking costs and ensure your goods are secured for transport.  We also ensure that your goods are insured door to door so you are protected in case something goes wrong.

Our Process

We ensure your goods are packed in the most efficient way possible to reduce volume and weight whilst ensuring they are secure for shipment.  We then carefully weigh and measure your goods to work out the most cost efficient mode of transport taking into account shipping routes, deadlines and international situations to ensure your supply chains are efficient and reliable.  We then insure and ship your goods, taking care of customs clearances and track your goods door to door to ensure smooth delivery.

We package your goods & the most cost effective method of transport to ship your goods door to door.

Our team of specialist shipping agents and brokers get the best international shipping rates and can arrange any shipment to any destination including express air, bulk airfreight, aircraft charter, aircraft belly charter and bulk container load by sea.  We can also arrange shipments to go by rail to reduce road freight costs for long distance deliveries, as well as custom logistics solutions to meet the needs of your supply chain.

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We arrange worldwide door to door shipping by land, air & sea and can arrange specialist logistics solutions such as full aircraft charter, aircraft belly charter and express shipments.  We utilise a vast network of shipping solutions, warehouses and  shipping routes to optimise your shipments.  Contact us today to find out more.

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More Information

How do I know which is the best and most cost effective shipping method?

This largely depends on the goods being shipped as well as their volume and weight.  We are able to calculate the best shipping options taking into account local and destination charges and work out whether bulk airfreight, LCL (less than container load), or FCL (full container load) would be the most cost effective or time sensitive method of shipment.  Contact us today to find out more about shipping rates and how we can optimise your supply chain.

Why put shipping marks or labels on the side of my cartons, pallets or crates?

Shipping marks are useful to identify your goods, especially for air, LCL (less than container load), road or rail shipments where they are shipped with other goods going to a different destination.  Some markings are also required by law or regulations depending on the goods and mode of transport used.  Dimensions and weight marking are useful for handlers to calculate weight and determine handling, loading and unloading at different points in the shipping process.  Incorrect marking  can result in additional handling or repacking charges and delays, so it is important that this is done correctly.  Speak to a member of the team today to find out more about shipping marks, packing and palletising goods for shipment.

How are shipping rates calculated for different modes of transport?

Shipping rates are calculated depending on the mode of transport used and are costed on volume, weight or volume weight.  Additional costs also include handling and service charges, local and destination charges, customs clearance fees, documentation and packing costs to take into consideration.  Costing international shipments are very complex and if not done correctly can land you with unexpected costs.  Speak to a member of our team to find out more about shipping options, costings and timelines.

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Worldwide Shipping

We provide worldwide airfreight & container shipping and arrange certification & customs clearance at port of destination for onward delivery.

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