Quality Control

We carry out Quality Control inspections to ensure you products are manufactured to AQL standards

We carry out onsite quality control inspections to AQL standards, sample inspections and pre-shipment inspections to eliminate defective units for shipments of your products, reducing waste, returns and cost.

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What we do

We use your specifications, signed off sample and certified units as a benchmark for onsite Quality Control inspections.  We inspect your production units before, during and after production to ensure consistency of material components, manufacturing processes and certification requirements are met and adhered to and that your products are manufactured to AQL standards.

Our Process

We ensure, through onsite inspections, that all of your products are made in the same factory w has audited and that the materials, production processes and manufacturing techniques are consistent with your certified or signed off sample and randomly select units to inspect to ensure Quality Control of each batch, before each shipment.

We carry out onsite Quality Control inspections to AQL standards to ensure your products meet your requirement.

Our specialists carry out a range of Quality Control inspections before, during and after production, to ensure your products meet regulatory requirements and your expectations.  Each inspection is tailored to your requirements and that of the certification and target destination to ensure you can import your goods and that your customers receive a products they expect from your company or brand.

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Contact us today to find out more about Quality Control inspections and how they can help your business eliminate waste units, customer returns and necessary costs.  Our team are on hand to tailor our inspections to your requirements to ensure your supply chain is efficient and your customers receive products to AQL standards.

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More Information

Do we need to carry out Quality Control inspections?

Quality Control inspections are one of, if not the most important part of manufacturing and it is important to carry out these inspections in order to reduce defective units.  Defective units are a cost and so they need to be reduced as much as possible to ensure an efficient supply chain.  Contact us today to find out more about Quality Control inspections and how they can help you reduce costs.

We have an existing supplier, can you carry out Quality Control inspections on our behalf?

We work with many companies that have existing suppliers and need additional Quality Control inspections to reduce waste and cost.  Speak to a member of the team to find out how using our Quality Control services can help you reduce waste products or materials and ensure your goods are made to the correct standards.

Our products have already finished production, can you carry out a pre-shipment inspection?

Yes we can carry out a pre-shipment inspection on your behalf, however if no inspections have been carried out before and during production, we may find a higher number of defective units that you expect from a particular batch.  In the instance that we find defects, we will document these issues with photographs and inspection report and advise on how to mitigate this issues in future.

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